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Step 1 - click the button Log in With Facebook.
Step 2 - set up your business page up in order to let your customers interact with our FB Messenger chatbot (blog).

book appointments

Step 3 - let our chatbot book appointments on your calendar (blog).

book appointments

Step 4 - hang the QR code at your studio or advertise your FB Messenger, our chatbot will book appointments the same way a secretary trained by you would do (blog).


beenhere   With a chatbot you save on staff (she does not take breaks, get sick and go on holiday).
beenhere   With a chatbot you have more secretaries who answer and automatically

book appointments

on agenda, instantly notifying you via App mail or sms.


advantages book appointments   As a secretary, suggests the days of this week or the


of those next or let you go back to think again.
advantages book appointments   As her, if the day is empty, she suggests 3 equidistant


(so she satisfies who prefer soon and who arrive later).
advantages book appointments   As her, she does not create openings (indeed she proposes them up immediately after any cancellations) but - chosen the day - books the


backwards or forwards to the


advantages book appointments   As her, she senses when a day becomes FULL and should not be proposed anymore (removes the tag if they cancel).
advantages book appointments   As her, if a customer asks for an urgent


because there is no availability, he will be asked the reason. You will evaluate the request in real time and you can recall it to add it to the


as overbooking.
advantages book appointments   Are you a doctor who makes


of 10/15/20 minutes rather than 30 and prefer an

appointments booking

strategy with first visit lasting twice as long? No problem.
advantages book appointments   Do you rather prefer an

appointments booking

even with openings, leaving your customers to choose the hour? No problem.


  Every time someone cancels, you will be notified immediately so that you or your secretary can reschedule next customers (of hours or days), to avoid openings.


  Order clients and avoid gatherings in the waiting room. If you are a doctor, save life of you and your patients.

To recap

It's automatic
She always works
Answers to frequently asked questions
Responds to multiple customers at the same time
Chooses more precise answers than a secretary


in the Google




with malice as an experienced secretary

Appointments schedule management

without openings
Coronavirus: order and avoid gatherings
  • feedback Dr. Polidori on book appointments

    Doc. Polidori | Roma

    My secretary misunderstood many situations but the chatbot always books the appointments without openings and does not give too much visibility on what I do as for service days or timetables, after all I also work in hospital. She's really very smart, she knows every malice of my profession.

  • feedback Lawyer Papa on book appointments

    Doc. Bartolamasi, gynecologist | Modena

    Don't know who invented the algorithm but it's phenomenal. Only who do secretariat for years would be able to respond just as well, but if a secretary was equally capable, would not make this job anymore. And, what's more, it would cost me a lot... Big savings!

  • feedback plumber Matteo on book appointments

    Laura, beautician | Milano

    Customers are crazy about it. I always have hands on faces and bodies, I can't answer the phone. And if anybody should cancel an appointment, either I'll take care of it at the end of the day or a human secretary can immediately takes over to avoid openings in agenda. Since you are there, working is more relaxing and don't lose customers anymore. Superb Support.


Pretend to call your Doc. Ask Facebook chatbot on the right for booking an appointment (length 30 min for simplicity): watch out how it's proposed to you and written in Google Calendar, isn't it identical to what a great secretary would do? IMP. nobody will see your calendar.

Real time statistics

You got an Android/iOS App to monitor the outcome of your customers' requests, anyway a human secretary can still intervene at any time.

app ios segretaria virtuale app android segretaria virtuale

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