Customer Support Automation

In questa pagina scriveremo solo in inglese, le soluzioni che proporremo sono infatti completamente automatiche e i clienti abitano nel mondo.
On this page we are gonna write only in English, the tech solutions we will propose are in fact completely automatic and customers live in the world.

In every industry a human contact center is time and money consuming, the world runs and customers demand answers 7/7 real-time, that's why transforming their experience automatically is the way.

We implement Communication-based Automation Tools for your workflow-based direct-to-consumer channels:

  1. AI Chat Bots
  2. Voice-enabled engagement tools


1.1 whatsapp chat bot using Yelp APIs and conversational NLP (natural language processing)

TODO to be translated yet + demo with your mobile screen casted here

P.S. imagine your APIs rather than demo ones and you understand that we can manage your consumer lifecycle (info, buy, support, product/service reassurance, feedback, all in all the whole consumer journey)

1.2 sms chat bot for reminders, then OK in gCal

TODO work in progress

2. TODO work in progress

TODO work in progress

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